Here’s all the Interesting facts about Bill Belichick: Ex-Wife, Girlfriend, Kids, and Net Worth

Bill Belichick is a well-known figure not just in the United States but also in the rest of the globe. He is widely regarded as one of the best coaches in the history of the National Football League. The extremely successful coach had previously been in a nice marriage and is now in a happy relationship with someone else.

In addition, each of his children has followed in his footsteps and is now employed in the field of coaching. Today, we are going to provide you with a rundown of some of the most intriguing information there is to find out about Bill.

Bill Belichick once Married Debby Clarke Belichick

Between the years 1977 and 2006, Bill Belichick was married to Debby Clarke Belichick. After years of dating and being in a committed relationship together, the high school sweethearts finally made the commitment to be married.

Despite this, the couple chose to divorce after many years of being married to one another. In 2004, they went their own ways. After thereafter, in 2006, the divorce between them was finally formalized.

All Three of Bill and Debby’s Kids are Following in his Footsteps

Stephen Belichick, Amanda Belichick, and Brian Belichick are Bill and Debby’s children from a previous relationship. Surprisingly, all three of them have chosen to follow in their father’s footsteps in terms of their professional endeavors. Indeed, each and every one of them is employed in the coaching department.

Stephen is currently employed by the Patriots as their safety coach. Amanda is a coach for the lacrosse team at the college where she works. The younger Brian is making steady progress toward a career as a head coach in the professional football league. Even further, he was elevated to the position of coaching assistant.

Bill got Roped in on a Scandal right after Divorcing Debby

At first, neither Bill nor Debby ever brought up the subject of what led to their unfortunate divorce as a reason for the breakup. But shortly after the divorce was finalized, Bill became embroiled in a controversy, during which it was accidently exposed what could have been the cause of the breakup with his wife.

It would appear that Bill had an affair with Sharon Shenocca, who had previously worked as a receptionist for the New York Giants. In the beginning, her husband Vincent Shenocca claimed that his wife had been having an affair with the head coach of the New York Patriots for a number of years.

In addition to that, Bill Belichick showed his affection for Sharon by presenting her with a gift worth thousands of dollars. During the divorce trial that Sharon and Vincent were going through in New Jersey, the judge even permitted their attorneys to interrogate Bill.

Despite the fact that the issue was resolved without Bill having to appear in court, he was accused of giving Sharon envelopes stuffed with cash and purchasing a house at Park Slope Town House for $2.2 million.

The first time Sharon and Bill crossed paths was in the 1980s, when he was working for the New York Giants as a defensive coordinator at the time. At the time, a number of tabloids said that Bill’s affair with Sharon was the driving force for the dissolution of his marriage to Debby.

What is Bill’s ex-wife, Debby Clarke Belichick doing these days?

Debby has been enjoying a prosperous professional life since since she ended her relationship with Bill. Almost immediately following the conclusion of their separation, Debby and one of her other close friends founded The Art of Tile & Stone in Wellesley.

Paige Yates, a local real estate agent, and she were the ones who founded the shop together. If you go to Debby’s Facebook page, you will see that the majority of the posts are on the completed crafts that the company sells.

In addition to that, she and her ex-husband have a strong friendship to this day. Even more than that, she ran the Boston Marathon in order to raise money for the Belichick Foundation.

Bill Belichick & girlfriend Linda Holliday are Dating since 2007

Bill moved on quickly with his new girlfriend, Linda Holliday, not even a year after finalizing his divorce from Debby. After meeting one other in a bar in Florida in 2007, they decided to start dating shortly thereafter.

Bill Belichick with Girlfriend Linda HollidayBill Belichick with Girlfriend Linda Holliday

When Linda and Bill happened to run into one other, she was with a group of her female friends. The initial attraction led to the quick beginning of their conversation together. According to several sources, Linda ended her relationship with the gentleman she was seeing at the time in order to concentrate on developing her relationship with Bill.

After some time had passed, Bill went so far as to express his gratitude to this wonderful lady by sending her flowers along with a handwritten message. On the note was written, “Thank you very much for the amazing evening, Bill.”

Given that the couple has been together for more than a decade, it is only normal for people to frequently speculate about whether or not they are engaged. They have not yet decided to be engaged.

In the meanwhile, Linda, much like Bill, is a parent to her offspring from a prior relationship. She is a mother of identical twins, Ashley and Katie Hess, whom she adores. Aside from that, Holliday is, much like her fiance, an ardent follower of the Patriots.

What is Bill Belichick Net Worth? Details on his Annual Salary

Bill has a net worth of $35 million as of the year 2020. His career spanned more than forty years, which is where he amassed the most of his income.

In addition, the size of his income contributes significantly to the already enormous wealth he possesses. As the head coach and general manager of the New England Patriots, Bill takes home a salary of $12 million per year. He holds the record for the highest salary of any head coach in any sport in the United States.

Bill Belichick Parents and Education

Bill Belichick is the only child that Jeannette and Steve Belichick have ever had. His parents decided to honor Bill Edwards, a coach in the College Football Hall of Fame who also happened to be his godfather, by naming their son after him.

In the year 1897, his maternal grandparents left Croatia in order to start a new life in the United States.

Belichick got his start in football by watching and learning from his father. He worked at the United States Naval Academy as an assistant coach.

Regarding his academic background, Bill attended Wesleyan University and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from that institution. He completed his secondary education at Annapolis High School.

Bill Belichick Coaching Career: Winner of Eight Super Bowls

Back in 1975, he got his start in the coaching industry working for the Baltimore Colts as an assistant coach. After that, in 1976, Bill signed with the Detroit Lions, and then in 1978, he signed with the Denver Broncos.

In the following season, he became a member of the New York Giants coaching staff, holding the positions of defensive assistant and special teams coach. During his time with the Giants, they were victorious in Super Bowls XXI and XXV, both of which he was a part of.

After that, he became the head coach of the Cleveland Browns football team, a position he held from 1991 to 1995. When he signed up with the New York Patriots in the year 2000, it was a turning point for his professional career. Since then, he has led the Patriots to a record-setting six victories in the Super Bowl.