Is Alex Curry Married To Husband? Facts Surrounding Her Career & Relationships

Angels Weekly and Kings LIVE on Fox Sports West are two of the shows that Alex Curry hosts. He is one of the younger people who have swiftly established themselves as professionals in the media industry. The media personality has previous experience working for a few other well-known networks, including NBC, before to joining Fox Sports.

Curry, along with her three sisters, was raised in a strict home setting. While she was a youngster, she had a variety of hobbies, but as time went on, she gravitated toward the television. Her mother is the one who initially conceptualized the idea of Growing Great, while her father is the proprietor of a natural energy drinks firm.

In addition, Alex has been in a wonderful marriage to her partner Jeff Nisen for a very long time, and the couple has been together for a very long time. Let’s not waste any time and go right into the specifics of her career and personal life!

Who are Alex Curry Parents? Grew up in a Strict Household With Her Sisters

Peggy and Tim Curry’s first child together is a girl named Alex. She was raised in Sand Dunn Park, North Manhattan, by her family who followed a natural way of life for the most of her formative years. Her parents instilled in her an appreciation for the outdoors and encouraged her to spend time there when she was growing up.

GrowingGreat is a non-profit organization based in Manhattan Beach that teaches children about the science behind healthy eating via hands-on activities. Curry’s mother is a supporter of this group. On the other side, her father Tim is the creator of a firm that specializes in all-natural energy drinks.

The sideline reporter disclosed to Easy Reader, in an exclusive interview, that her family places a strong emphasis on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She stated that the only place to get organic food was at someone’s home.

“I appreciate it now, but growing up it was hard, because nobody else ate organic – seriously, who packs fruit with carrots to take to school?. I am so thankful for it now, but it was an interesting journey, the health nut route.”

In addition, the family had another firm policy about the amount of time the children may spend in front of the television and at what times. Curry revealed to the tabloid that he and his family frequently watched episodes of Rug Rats and Doug. She is the oldest of three younger sisters, and the four of them have a close relationship with one another.

In further discussion of Alex Curry’s family, her late grandpa, also named Curry, was in the military during World War II and held the rank of First Lieutenant in the Army Air Corps. On the occasion of Veterans Day in November 2020, the media celebrity posted a collage of photographs that she had taken of her grandfather, who had passed away.

Where is Alex Curry From? Her Childhood and Ethnicity

Curry was born on May 27th, 1987 in the city of Manhattan Beach, in the state of California. The majority of her youth was spent in the city of Manhattan, where she grew up, together with her three sisters. Alex, who is 33 years old and is Caucasian in ethnicity, holds American citizenship and is a member of the Caucasian ethnic group.

Early Interest in Sports and Art

Alex acquired a deep love for a variety of athletic pursuits. She competed at a high level in a broad variety of sporting events, including volleyball, tennis, and soccer, among others. In addition, the theater was another area of interest for the person who was passionate about sports. Because she was so comfortable in front of an audience, she was able to break into the profession of sportscasting.

According to what the sports reporter for Fox News informed the Daily Aztec,

“I love performing, I love talking. I’m a really quick memorizer. I can figure out what I want to say in my head and just say it.”

Played Soccer at San Diego State University

Alex’s interest in sports was always strong, but her enthusiasm for soccer much above that of the other sports she participated in when she was younger. She pursued her interest in the sport by participating on the soccer team at Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach, where she was a student.

After graduating from high school, the outstanding athlete enrolled in San Diego State University, where she played on the women’s soccer team that won the national title. In addition to that, she was the leader of the team that won an NIRSA National Championship in 2006.

In addition to this, while Curry was still a student at San Diego State University, she began working as an all-purpose production assistant behind the scenes for the Joe Lewis Production Company as well as Fuel TV.

She graduated in 2009 with a bachelor of arts degree in media studies and a minor in marketing from the university where she had studied.

Who is Alex Curry? Her Longtime Association with Fox Sports

Curry is a sideline reporter who began her career in the media in April 2009 by working for SWOOP Magazine as a host and writer for the publication. In addition to that, she was featured in the editorial.

She was offered the position of host of the World University Games on NBC in July of 2011, and she accepted. She reported on both the summer and winter Olympics from Russia and Italy respectively. In addition, the media personality worked for the Big Ten Network as the anchor of the show titled “Tailgate 48.” During this time, she was working as a reporter for Direct TV at the Super Bowl XLVIII Celebrity Beach Bowl, which took place in New York City.

In addition, Alex was a co-host for around three months on the show Inside Alli Sports. After that, she became a member of the cast of Game Changers, where she served in a variety of capacities between June 2011 and July 2012, including those of executive producer, host, and writer.

The media personality was selected to serve as a host and sideline reporter for the Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball Series on the NBC Sports Network in May of 2012. In addition to that, she was a host for the E! News Network. According to her Linkedin page, Alex has also been working as a sideline reporter for the Red Bull Sig Series since April of 2012.

Curry was able to land the job of her dreams as the anchor of Angels Weekly and Kings Weekly on Fox Sports West not long after the new year began in 2012. After that, which was two years later, she started working as a reporter for the telecasts of both Angels and Kings. During the same year, she covered the 2014 Stanley Cup championship that the Kings won.

She has also co-hosted “American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs. Ninja” on USA Network, which she did before joining Fox Sports.

Who is Alex Curry Married To?

Over the course of their many years together, Curry and her husband Jeff Nisen have enjoyed a happy and fulfilling marriage. Back in July of 2016, the pair officially became husband and wife. Their well-known wedding ceremony was held in Manhattan Beach, California, and was attended by members of their families as well as their closest friends and acquaintances.

The then-newlywed pair, who had just gotten married, reportedly took their honeymoon in Ibiza, Spain, according to several credible web sites. There, the two individuals remained for close to two weeks.

Both Alex and her husband of many years, Jeff, grew up in Manhattan Beach, so they knew each other from a young age and have been together ever since. It is reasonable to assume that they are enjoying their married life together because of the deep connection they have had with one another ever since they were children.

On their many social media profiles, you may frequently find them posting cute images of themselves. Back in July 2020, when the couple was celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary, Alex’s husband Jeff posted an adorable snapshot of the two of them together on the occasion of their wedding day.

Southern California is the location of the doting couple’s present home. In addition, despite the length of time that they have spent together as a couple, they do not yet had any children of their own.

Who is Alex Curry Husband Jeff Nisen? Dedicated His first song to His Wife

Jeff is a man of many talents who has established a prosperous career in the music industry as a singer, composer, and guitarist. Additionally, he has a reputation for being a beer enthusiast. The musician was born and raised in Manhattan, and he began playing the guitar at the age of 12. Soon after he received his diploma from UC Santa Barbara in 2009, he launched his career by starting a band called Sand Section with his two closest pals.

In 2010, the band published its first album, which was titled “Truth Over Harmony.” After that, the band went on to produce two more albums until disbanding in 2013. After that, Jeff started the rock band known as Lose Control.

In addition, on April 17, 2020, the artist distributed a song titled “Turn off the Light.” He refers to the record as a “love song” in an effort to assuage his wife’s concerns.

Alex Curry Net Worth

Her wealth is estimated to be one million dollars. Her extended career in the media, in addition to her numerous other efforts, is the primary source of the majority of her riches. According to reports, her annual pay from Fox Sports West is $72512 dollars.

Charity Work

Curry is following in her mother’s footsteps by pursuing a similar zeal for helping people. Her professional affiliation is with the Richstone Family Center. In addition to that, she is a supporter of the Kids Club After School Program. In addition, the TV personality donates her time to the charitable organization run by her mother, which is known as GrowingGreat.