Jackie Steves- Is She Married? Bio With Parents, Boyfriend

Jackie Steves rose to prominence as a result of the fact that her father, Rick Steves, is recognized as one of the most accomplished travel writers and television personalities.

A variety of travel guides, such as “Europe Through the Back Door,” have been published under his name. In addition to this, Jackie is an enthusiastic traveler who has taken her family to a number of different countries and regions throughout the world.

Jackie has been in a serious relationship with her partner Damian Conrad-Davis, who is now her fiance, for a considerable amount of time. Let’s find out all we can about Steves, including her parents, her early life, her schooling, and a lot of other things we don’t know about her yet.

Who is Jackie Steves?

Jackie Steves is the younger child of Rick Steves and his wife Anne Steves, whom he has been married to for more than twenty years. Although details regarding her work life are not entirely apparent at this time, the young girl maintains a very active presence on the travel blog that her father maintains.

The Steves routinely make appearances, displaying the family unity from their many locations throughout the world. On his blog, her dad Rick wrote about the family trip they had to the Yucatán Peninsula, where they stayed in Tulum as their base of operations at the beginning of 2018. Along with his travel companion Trish Feaster, son Andy Steves, daughter Jackie, and her boyfriend Damian, he made the trip there.

In addition to that, Jackie has a deep appreciation for music and is a skilled pianist.

Where is  Jackie Steves from? Attended Columbia University

Jackie Steves was born in the United States of America, specifically in the city of Seattle, Washington. Her nationality is that of the United States of America, and her ethnicity is that of the Caucasians.

Together with her elder brother Andy, who would later create the travel firm known as Weekend Student Adventures Europe, Steves was brought up in the city of Seattle. After that, she continued her education at Columbia University.

Who is Jackie Steves dating? Know about her Boyfriend turned husband

Jackie Steves and Damian Conrad-Davis are presently living together as husband and wife. After dating for a little over two years at the time, the pair finally tied the knot in January of 2022. On her Facebook page, she broke the exciting news that they had recently been married.

In addition, it appears from the posts the two make on social media that they have been dating since 2016. On October 31, 2016, she shared the first photo she had taken with her boyfriend Damian on her Facebook page.

Posted by Jackie Steves on Sunday, October 30, 2016

The sweet pair has stayed together and gives off the impression of being hopelessly in love with one another.

They got engaged in August 2019

Before getting engaged in 2019, the pair had been seeing one other for a number of years. On August 16th, her boyfriend Damian posted an Instagram photo with a lengthy text announcing the exciting news to their followers.

I never quite understood why anyone would ever decide to get married – until I met Jackie, then it made sense.

I’ve been captivated by this woman since the day I met her. Her cool, confident and cheery disposition brings joy to my everyday. •
Jackie, thank you for continually creating this incredible relationship with me moment to moment.

In the picture, he is seen proposing to his future wife by getting down on one knee.

Jackie published the identical post on both her personal and professional Facebook pages. When one considers how wonderful their relationship is, it is apparent that they will soon be married.

In addition to this, both of them have an insatiable wanderlust and frequently visit a variety of stunning locations all over the world. Damian, her companion, is an actor as well as an explorer. He was born in the month of December in the year 1986 in the city of Bismarck, North Dakota. While he was a student at Graceland University, the guy who stood at a respectable height of 6 feet was actively involved in a number of sports, including tennis, football, and baseball. He continues to compete in tennis.

A Glimpse of Her Parents’ Marriage

According to the information gathered from various sources, Jackie’s parents Rick and Anne Steves got married in 1984. The year was 1982 when the first encounter between the two took place in a restaurant in Barstow, California. They were together for a few years as a couple before they finally decided to get married.

Despite this, they were unable to maintain a long-term relationship, and in 2010, after 26 years of marriage, they divorced one other. On March 5 of that year, the divorce between them was finally formalized. In December of 2019, her father Rick began having an affair with Shelley Bryan Wee, who was a bishop.

Jackie Steves Net Worth

Estimating how much money Jackie Steves has in the bank is not an easy task. On the other hand, her dad Rick holds a net worth of $10 million in his own right. Because he is successful in so many different fields, he has amassed an enormous fortune. Since 2005, he has been the host of the public radio travel show Travel with Rick Steves, and since 2000, he has been the host of the series Rick Steve’s Europe.

Jackie calls the city of Los Angeles, in the state of California, home at the moment.