Shannan Gilbert: Truth About Her Mysterious Death of Mari Gilbert’s Daughter

Shannan Gilbert, the daughter of Mari Gilbert and an internet prostitute, was last seen on May 1, 2010, and has not been seen since. After meeting with a customer in a secure neighborhood in Oak Beach, Long Island, she vanished without a trace. Her murder in 2011 has gained notoriety as being committed by The Long Island Serial Killer.

An extra tragedy connected to her case is that many years after her passing, her own sister murdered their mother in a very brutal manner. This happened years after her passing. If one were to go into the Gilbert family history, it would not be difficult to deduce that Shannan and the rest of her sisters did not have an easy upbringing.

And even now, in their maturity, those who are still alive are battling, whether it is in their pursuit of justice for Shannan or in coming to terms with the death of cherished members of their family. Learn more about what happened the night Shannan vanished, who is suspected of killing her, and how her family is adjusting to life without her by reading an in-depth article on the subject.

Shannan Gilbert Mostly Grew Up In Foster Homes 

Lancaster, Pennsylvania was the location of Gilbert’s birth on October 24th, 1986. Shanan spent the most of her childhood in several foster homes. Mari divorced her husband, who was Shannan’s and her sisters’ father, and relocated to upstate New York, which was a significant distance from her previous location. Shannan was only five, Sherre was four, and Sarra was just three when she was born; none of her kids had even reached the age of ten. It had been almost two years after the family had moved before they settled in Ellenville.

Mari explained to her daughters when they were older that she had left their father because he was addicted to heroin. In spite of the fact that none of the three daughters ever saw their father again, they had all inherited his golden complexion.

Following Mari’s divorce from her husband, she and the daughters went to live with Mari’s mother in Rockland County. Mari’s mother had also recently divorced her husband and relocated to Rockland County.

Shannan Gilbert Didn’t Have A Normal Childhood

Shannan, who was around seven years old at the time, was placed back into the foster care system after the Gilbert family relocated to Ellenville. She spent the first six years of her life in the area in a succession of foster homes, all of which were described as being good places to live and administered by women with good intentions and loving attitudes. Although Shannan spent each day at school with her sisters and ate the same food as them, she did not share a bedroom with them because she did not live in the same house.

According to those who are close to her, Shannan was utterly heartbroken by it. On many occasions, she attempted to flee the scene, making her way back to Mari and Sherre Gilbert, as well as Sarra and her half-sister, Stevie. Shannan was never given an explanation as to why Mari kept her away from the house. However, at some time after her passing, the mother of four stated that the decision to keep Shannan apart from the family was one that she had made on her own. She went on to explain that her daughter had been difficult to cope with as a youngster, exhibiting mood swings, overeating, and binge-and-purge behaviors, and that she had always wanted her daughter to be independent.

Shannan Gilbert Was Bipolar 

At the age of 12, Shannan was given a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Despite this, she never took her medication and grumbled about the unpleasant affects it had on her.

After completing her high school education, she moved home with her grandma for a while and began taking nursing programs at the same time. The New Yorker worked as a secretary at a school while also holding down jobs at a hotel, an Applebee’s, and a senior center. In less than a year, she dropped out of college and the secretarial job, citing boredom as her primary motivation.

She Became An Escort; Wanted To Become An Actress

Relatives of Shannan’s claimed that she was a talented student who completed her high school education in a timely manner, attaining her diploma at the age of 16. In addition to that, it was mentioned that she held a few other occupations before she started working as an escort.

After some time, she uprooted her life and relocated to New Jersey to be with her partner. It is said that she had entertained the idea of giving up adultery in the future in order to concentrate on pursuing her goals of being a singer, an actor, and a writer.

When Shannan Gilbert Went Missing? 

Before she vanished on May 1, 2010, it is believed that the child star Shannan was at the house of a client in Oak Beach, Long Island. She called 911 and spoke to an operator for a total of 22 minutes just before she vanished.

Where Did They Find Her Body?

After more than a year had passed since she was reported missing, her corpse was discovered in a marsh at Oak Beach on December 13, 2011, by the Suffolk County police department. According to NBC News, the corpse was discovered by the authorities about a half mile away from where she was last seen.

According to Oxygen, a few days earlier, a purse belonging to Mari’s murdered kid and a mobile phone were discovered less than a quarter mile away from her corpse.

The Police Discovered Other 10 Bodies Near Shannan’s Corpse

On May 1, the authorities not only found Shannan’s body, but they also found other things. During the course of their search, they came upon the bodies of ten more people washed up on the strand in Oak Beach and Gilgo Beach, which is just nine miles away. There were eight women, one guy dressed as a woman, and a little child among the dead. Initial investigations led investigators to the conclusion that a serial murderer was responsible for the deaths of those ten individuals. This perpetrator would later become known as the Long Island Serial Killer or the Gilgo Beach Killer.

Who Killed Shannan Gilbert?

In light of the fact that her other remains were found, it is reasonable to assume that Shannan and the other victims shared the same perpetrator. The findings of the investigation, on the other hand, continue to support the conclusion that there was no foul play involved in Shannan’s death. They have come to the conclusion that she was suffocated to death after being entangled in the marsh’s thick, mucky vegetation and thorns. After some time, an autopsy was requested by the police, and the medical examiner determined that it was impossible to determine what caused her death.

What Did Her Family Say About Her Death?

Mari Gilbert continued to maintain, until the time of her own passing in 2016, that the death of her daughter was the result of an accident, despite the findings and comments made by the police. She, the rest of her daughters, and their attorney John Ray have asked the authorities to make public the tape of Shannan’s 911 call. However, to this day, the authorities have not released these tapes to the general public (more down below).

Additionally, Shannan’s family commissioned their very own autopsy, which concluded that Shannon’s injuries were “consistent with homicidal strangulation.” [Citation needed] They discovered that her hyoid bone had been damaged.

Furthermore, during one portion of Shannan’s 911 call that lasted for 22 minutes, the Gilbert girl can be heard stating, “They are trying to murder me.” Dominick Varrone, who served as the previous chief of detectives for Suffolk County, recounted the daughter’s last words in an interview with the television show 48 Hours, which were, “There’s someone following me; there’s someone after me.”

Did The Police Find Shannan Gilbert’s Killer; Recent Updates

There has been no one taken into custody by the authorities in connection with the death of Shannan. Also, the person believed to be the serial killer responsible for the deaths on Long Island is still at large.

The Gilbert family continues to believe that her death was the result of homicide and that Peter Hackett, MD, a physician from Oak Beach who had treated Mari, was involved in the crime. When Shannan was still around, he told the mother that he managed a shelter for troubled young women. After that, he vanished.

However, Dr. Hackett has consistently rejected the allegations against him for quite some time. He insists that he has no recollection of ever having met Mari’s eldest daughter.

On the other side, the two sisters who were left behind, Sherre and Stevie, are not giving up their search for justice about their older sister. They are persistent in their requests to the authorities that the 911 calls be made public. And in the interim, they are also fighting for the rights of people who work in the sex industry.

Her Own Sister Killed Her Mother, Mari Gilbert

According to the Daily Freeman, on July 23, 2016, five years after the police discovered Shannan’s body, her younger sister, Sarra, used a knife that was fifteen inches long to kill their mother. She stabbed Mari a total of 227 times before finishing her out with blows from the fire extinguisher.

Ray, the counsel for the Gilbert family, related that Sarra had told her mother that she had brought her mother over to her apartment and told her that she was hearing voices. The mother of four kids, who had gone to check on her to make sure she was well, ended up taking her own life in the process.

Sarra Gilbert, Mari Gilbert’s third child, is presently serving a sentence in state prison that ranges from 25 years to life.

Netflix Made A Movie On Shannan Gilbert’s Story

In the year 2020, the online streaming powerhouse Netflix published the story of the Gilbert family and the tragedy that befell Shannan. Shannan was portrayed on film by actress Sarah Wisser, while Sherre was portrayed by Thomasin Mackenzie, both of whom are from New Zealand. The film adaption was made by Warner Bros. In a similar manner, Amy Ryan from “The Office” portrays Mari Gilbert in the show.

There are a number of further television series and documentaries that have focused on the Gilbert family after the death of their daughter. The Killing Season, “Bodies at the Beach: Search for a Serial Killer,” “Disappeared,” “48 Hours,” and “Search for a Serial Killer” are just few of the titles that fall under this category.