Some Interesting Facts of Lytrell Bundy, Sister of Chris Brown

Lytrell Bundy, better known by her stage as Tootie, first came to public attention as the elder sister of Grammy Award–winning R&B artist Chris Brown. More than 140 million recordings have been sold all over the world by the artist to this point. Chris’s interest in music dates back to his childhood, when he sang in the church choir and participated in other community performances.

Bundy Brown is a medical laboratory scientist, and her sister Brown is Brown. Early on in their lives, their parents separated, and her mother went on to marry someone else. On the other hand, their stepfather had a very violent relationship with their mother.

Lytrell, Chris’ sister, is raising her child on her own as a single parent. Examine the specifics of her professional life, as well as her schooling, her family, and her wealth, in the following article.

Who are Lytrell Bundy Parents? They divorced when Chris was growing up

Lytrell Bundy was born on November 26th, 1980 in the city of Tappahannock, in the Commonwealth of Virginia. She is of African-American descent, as well as having the nationality of the United States of America.

She was born to Joyce Hawkins and Clinton Brown, her mother and father. While her father worked as a correctional officer at a local jail, her mother ran a childcare facility. Her father also worked in law enforcement. On May 5th, 1989, Bundy’s brother Chris Brown was brought into the world.

When Lytrell was still a little child, her mother and father divorced and moved in different directions. After some time, Joyce remarried Donnelle Hawkins, who became their stepfather.

Lytrell’s relationship with her stepfather

The relationship that Bundy and Chris had with their stepfather, Donnelle, was strained to say the least. According to Chris, Hawkins used to physically abuse Chris’s mother. Even more horrifying for him was the sight of his mother bleeding from her nose.

Within the context of an interview with GIANT magazine, the singer discussed the abusive conduct of his stepfather,

He used to hit my mom… He made me terrified all the time. I remember one night he made her nose bleed. I was crying and thinking, ‘I’m just gonna go crazy on him one day…’ I hate him to this day.

Donnelle is legally blind in one eye as a consequence of an incident in which he shot himself in the eye, which also occurred during the same conflict.

On the other hand, their stepfather Hawkins never accepted that the accusation was true and, in response, he stated,

“I never raised a hand at his mom. We (Brown’s mother and I) argued frequently… As far as physical abuse there was no physical abuse.”

In addition to this, he said that Brown was unhappy with the fact that his parents had divorced, which caused Chris to despise his step-dad.

“I became the bad guy. Chris was really mad at his mom for leaving his dad, so I became the scapegoat.”

Donnelle maintains that he did all in his power to take on the role of a father figure, but to no avail.

Even up to this day, Lytrell and Brown do not have a positive relationship with Hawkins.

Chris Brown relationship with his sister Lytrell Bundy

Both the sister and the brother have a strong connection with one another. Although Bundy continues to maintain a high level of discretion, Brown will occasionally post photographs of his sister on Instagram. In February of 2019, the musician shared a snapshot from the past that included both him and his sister, captioning the image “BIG SISTER.”

Back in 2009, Brown and his now-ex-girlfriend Rihanna were both accused of being engaged in an incident of domestic abuse that received widespread media coverage. During the course of their conversation about the event, his sister Bundy revealed that when they were little, their brother rarely shown rage. She said, “He’s never been a violent guy – he’s always been a sweet boy.”

Lytrell is also an Aunt of Chris’ two children

Chris’s prior relationship with Nia Guzman resulted in the birth of a girl in May of 2014 who was given the name Royalty Brown. On November 20, 2019, Brown became a father for the second time when he and Ammika Harris welcomed their child, a son named Aeko Catori Brown.

The relationship between Lytrell and her nephew and niece is quite close.

Lytrell Bundy’s Education and Career

James Madison University, located in Harrisonburg, Virginia, is where the well-known celebrity’s sister obtained a degree in Biology. In addition, she received her education at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College.

She went on to work at CBE Press LLC, a media organization located in Merrifield, Virginia, after she received her diploma in that field. According to the information on her Facebook profile, she also worked for a local company named HDH as a medical laboratory scientist.

What is her net worth?

According to a number of different web sites, Lytrell Bundy is projected to have a net worth of $200,000. The aforementioned riches is the result of her doing many jobs throughout the years.

On the other hand, her brother Chris Brown has an incredible net worth of $50 million. [Citation needed] [Citation needed] He is successful in a variety of high-profile industries because to his adaptability. His success in the music industry was a significant contributor to his wealth. The sum of all of his earnings in 2013 was $70 million.

Brown stays in his hilltop house which is tucked away in Tarzana, California at the present time. He is talking about his real estate. He paid $4.35 million for the property that was 0.75 acres in size. It has four separate bedrooms available.

In the past, he resided in the hillside mansion that he had built for himself in the Hollywood Hills. In the end, the singer was able to sell it for close to $1.6 million.

Is Lytrell Bundy Married? Raising a son as a single mother

There is not a single piece of credible evidence to suggest that Bundy was ever married. She has been quite secretive about her love life and the nature of her relationship.

However, according to her page on Facebook, Bundy is a mother to a single adult boy. Her son is on the rugby team. In December of 2013, she shared a photo of her kid on her Facebook page, and one of her readers remarked, “Is that really your son?” He large. handsome” “Yes, and only about to be 11,” she said in response. Thank you.”

There is no other information regarding her son other than what has been stated here. In addition, it is still unknown who the child’s biological father is at this point in time.

According to the information provided by a number of different sources, Lytrell is not currently in a romantic relationship with anyone. In the present day, both she and her kid may be found calling Chesterfield, Virginia home.

Lytrell Bundy Social Media

Bundy has a presence on popular social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. In spite of this, she does not participate very often and has not made a single post since the year 2017.