Where Is Rebecca Soteros Now? Untold Facts About Paul Walker’s Girlfriend

It is believed that Rebecca Soteros works as a primary school teacher, mostly in the state of Hawaii. She is better known as the ex-girlfriend of the late actor Paul Walker, who was in the Fast and the Furious franchise.

In the late 1990s, Soteros and Paul were together for a short period of time, during which they also became parents to a daughter. Sadly, both of them perished in a vehicle accident in November of 2013, but at that time, they had become parents.

In contrast to Paul’s other business partners and even his daughter Meadow, the publisher never paid as much attention to Rebecca as they did to the others. To this point, Soteros has only been successful in getting her name published in the newspapers on a handful or two separate occasions. Find a way to get past the references that describe who she is, why she seems to have made the decision to lie low, what she is doing these days, nonetheless, and therefore the wikis.

Rebecca Soteros Birth, Parents, Siblings, Education

Rebecca Soteros, who was once romantically linked to Paul Walker and goes by the aliases Becky Jo or Rebecca McBrain, was born in March of 1974. She was born to Mark and Julie Ann Soteros, who are her parents.

Joshua, Rebecca’s younger brother, was her constant companion throughout her childhood. Today, Rebecca is 48 years old. Her high school graduation year was 1992, and she received her education at the Village Christian School in California. The brunette eventually became a teacher after earning her bachelor’s degree in secondary education and subsequently entering the field.

What Does Rebecca Soteros Do; Where Does She Live Now?

Journals only have a sliver of an answer to the question of what Walker’s ex-partner has been up to all of these years due to the fact that Rebecca’s life is almost entirely off the record.

However, a number of old records and pieces of evidence indicate that she worked as a primary school teacher in the past and, presumably, continues to do so today. It is said that she spends much of her time in the Kalakaua Avenue neighborhood of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Rebecca And Late Boyfriend Paul Walker’s Relationship

Rebecca and Paul, who played a couple in Brick Mansions, were in a relationship that didn’t last long. They had known one other for a number of years prior to the former’s meteoric rise to stardom with the release of The Fast and the Furious in 2001.

After having first met in California in the beginning of 1998, Soteros and Paul embarked on a romantic connection during a time when the native of Glendale was still relatively obscure. It is unknown what led to the termination of the couple’s romance or when it did, however despite this fact, they did not get married during their time together.

Some people believe that the endless disputes that Paul and Rebecca had had over the years over Rebecca’s drinking issues were the reason of their breakup sometime in late 1999. On the other side, there are many who assert that Walker allegedly turned down Rebecca’s marriage proposal at the time because he believed he was not old enough or mature enough.

It was learned even later that he harbored remorse for the incident. In December 2013, the Joy Ride himself revealed that he was not a husband material enough to marry Rebecca and that he had not been true to her during their relationship. He also claimed that he had cheated on her.

‘I knew where I was at with chicks and having fun. I mean, I was sleeping with her (Rebecca’s) friends, for crying out loud. You know what I mean? I was an animal, and so I want to be there and my heart wants to be in it, but the mind just isn’t following it.

remarked the deceased Californian while having a conversation with WENN.

Soteros And Walker’s Daughter, Meadow Walker 

In spite of this, Paul and Rebecca Soteros were successful in having a child together, and on November 4, 1998, they welcomed Meadow Rain Walker into the world. They had her in fewer than twelve months after beginning a relationship together.

Meadow spent her childhood in Hawaii with her mother up until the time she was a pre-teen. Meadow, who is the only child that Rebecca and Paul have, moved back to California in 2011 to live with her father.

Rebecca was going to travel to California as well, but by the time she got there, her ex-boyfriend had been killed in an accident.

Meadow, who is the daughter of her and an actor who appeared in The Takers, is currently on her way up in the modeling world and is married to an actor who appeared in Excoriated. According to reports, Paul’s ex-girlfriend continues to have a strong relationship with Meadow, despite the fact that she keeps a low profile and avoids the spotlight of attention.

When Meadow’s father Paul passed away in a tragic vehicle accident, she was 15 years old at the time. However, she had been living with Paul for the last three years, having done so after she had left the home in Hawaii where her mother, Rebecca, had reared her.

Rebecca Didn’t Inherit Any Thing From Paul Walker; The Late Actor Left All His Net worth To His Daughter

Because the late actor Paul Walker designated in his will for Meadow to be the only beneficiary of his whole inheritance, it is likely that Rebecca did not get any money from her former partner’s estate. Meadow was the only kid Paul Walker ever had.

Not to mention the fact that Soteros had long since severed ties with the actor from Eight Below before he passed away in November of 2013.

Meadow is said to have received all of Paul’s wealth as an inheritance. According to TMZ, it was really worth a total of $16 million, which is far less than the first estimation of $25 million that was made.

Paul Walker’s Mother Fought For The Custody Of Meadow Against Rebecca Soteros 

Rebecca and Cheryl, Paul’s mother, have had several disagreements in the past on who should manage the late actor’s finances and custody of Rebecca, the actor’s daughter. This occurred sometime after Paul’s passing, somewhere during the summer of 2014, and sometime in between.

According to an article that was published in the print version of Star magazine on January 6, 2014, Paul’s parents claimed that they should be in command of both at the time since they are aware of how their son would want them to proceed.

In 2014, a source revealed to E! that Meadow and Soteros were caught off guard when Cheryl filed a lawsuit against them.

According to the source, Meadow and Soteros were not informed by anybody that they were moving forward with it, despite the fact that there had been negotiations. Seeing it on TMZ was where Rebecca and her daughter got their first glimpse of the story. They were both appalled when Cheryl first approached them about becoming her legal guardian.

Paul’s mother used Soteros’ two DUIs as an excuse while making the request for Meadow to be placed under her care. On the other hand, Rebecca believes that she should be able to have some input on the division of her daughter’s father’s assets. After that, a source stated that Rebecca was also prepared to never allow anybody else care for her daughter other than herself.

At the time, Soteros and her daughter Meadow were residing in California in a residence that Walker had acquired for the family on their behalf. Since Rebecca and Walker never tied the knot, Paul’s parents had always had an edge when it came to deciding what to do with their actor son’s fortune.

To add insult to injury, Paul had stipulated in his will that his mother should take care of Meadow in the capacity of guardian. Therefore, Cheryl’s court motion was appropriate given his intentions. They went on to explain why Rebecca shouldn’t be the legal guardian of Meadow when she was a teenager.

Cheryl submitted legal paperwork to the court requesting guardianship of Meadow Rain Walker, who was 15 years old at the time. Allegedly, Paul Walker’s mother said that the woman who was raising Paul’s adolescent daughter, Meadow, at the time was struggling with an alcohol addiction. At the time, Meadow had recently relocated to California in order to be closer to her father, Paul.

TMZ said that Cheryl finally conceded to dismiss her complaint against Soteros on the condition that he successfully finish a rehabilitation program. Meadow ultimately ended up living with her mother when Paul’s former partner, Rebecca, gave her permission to do so.

Rebecca’s Two Cases Of DUI 

Rebecca, who was formerly in a relationship with Paul but has since broken up with him, was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) twice, in 2003 and 2013. After being arrested for driving under the influence on October 18, 2003 in Newport Beach, California, Soteros entered a guilty plea to the charge.

After that, she was had to attend three years’ worth of probation. The 2013 episode of Soteros’ DUI took occurred in Hawaii, according to public records. Neither of the incidents, to our great relief, included any children.

Is Rebecca Soteros On Social Media?  

Meadow, who is Soteros’s daughter, uses Instagram on occasion and publishes photos there. Despite this, Rebecca has, for the most part, managed to avoid being the subject of attention in either traditional or social media. In point of fact, since since the custody struggle that took place in 2014, Soteros has developed into a nobody.

Even while there are some images of hers on hangouts such as Instagram, Facebook, and others, it is not obvious whether she, herself, is participating in such online communities.

It’s interesting to note that even Meadow doesn’t appear to make an effort to acknowledge her mother, Rebecca, at any point in the narrative. This clearly stands in stark contrast to the many other occurrences, however, in which she never fails to recall her late actor father.