Who Is Cheryl Scott? Inside Her Personal And Professional Life

The number one news station in Chicago is ABC 7 Eyewitness News, and Cheryl Scott is the chief meteorologist for the channel. Since 2014, she has been the most trusted source for news in Chicago. The media celebrity, M. Scott, is constantly keeping herself busy, whether it be by reporting on the weather, presiding over a black-tie gala, or donating her time with the Chicago Red Cross. In her spare time, she enjoys most of what the city of Chicago has to offer.

Cheryl and her partner took their relationship to the next level, which was another sign that things were getting more serious. In point of fact, the couple is now engaged to be married.

You may learn all of these specifics about Cheryl Scott, in addition to some other fascinating facts about her, by reading the article that follows. Let’s start.

Cheryl Scott Bio: Early Life and Parents 

Cheryl Scott’s birthday is January 29th, and she was born in Stratford, New Jersey, which is located in South Jersey. Marie Picciano Scott is the name of the woman who is her mother. The meteorologist, who is 36 years old, has two elder brothers whose names are Brian and Kevin. Atco is located in Camden County in New Jersey, and she and her siblings all grew up there.

After being an alcoholic for the most of his life, her father passed away in the year 2010. In June of 2021, Cheryl shared on Instagram how much she despises the fact that her father suffered from an illness that not only hindered their connection but also prevented him from living the kind of life that he may have otherwise enjoyed.

The Paul IV High School in Haddonfield, New Jersey, is where Scott earned his diploma. She was a star performer on the track and field teams at her school when she was younger.

Cheryl Scott Is A Brown University Graduate: Wanted To Become a Meteorologist Since The 8th Grade 

After graduating from Brown University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Sciences, Scott was offered a job as a track and field coach for Brown University’s Division I team. Following that, she obtained her certification in meteorology from Mississippi State University in the year 2010.

In 2006, Cheryl began her career in the television industry by working as an intern at WCAU-NBC 10 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In December of 2014, she started working for ABC7 Eyewitness News, which is ranked as the number one news station in Chicago.

The director of ABC 7 News introduced Scott by saying that she is “an experienced and competent meteorologist who appreciates the challenge of forecasting Chicago’s unpredictable weather.” This was said as ABC was welcome Scott to the network.

After working as the morning and weekend meteorologist for NBC 5 in Chicago since September 2011, Scott has moved to the ABC 7 station in Chicago.

Prior to that, Cheryl Scott worked as a forecaster for a 24-hour Caribbean Weather Channel while simultaneously working as a weekend weathercaster for WSEE-TV in Erie, Pennsylvania, in 2007. In 2007, she worked in both of these capacities.

In the yearbook for her eighth grade, she wrote the following:

“I plan to become a meteorologist!”

Loves Athletic Activities

When she is not at work, Scott enjoys going on adventures, being outdoors, watching movies, and romping about with her Beagle, Lola. Her life has always been heavily influenced by sports in a significant way.

The meteorologist no longer participates in track and field events, but she still likes working out and keeping up with the latest games from the NFL, NHL, and MLB. The Dearborn and Siena Tavern are two of her favorite places to eat out.

The sushi at Kai Zan, the Italian food at Volare, the desserts at Cold Stone, the Sunday brunch at the Dearborn, shopping at Karen Millen and Bloomingdale’s, the steakhouse at Chicago Cut, and the bagel store at NYC Bagel Deli are some of her greatest recommendations (pizza). The anchor reveals that her favorite ridesharing services are Lyft and Uber.

A romantic date, in Scott’s opinion, should consist of either a trip on the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier or a boat ride on Lake Michigan, followed by a display of fireworks. In addition to that, she enjoys the drinks at The Aviary.

Cheryl Scott Views Her Job As A Precautioner Rather Than Weather Reporter

Previously, she was employed by WBIR-TV, the NBC station in Knoxville, Tennessee, where she worked as a weekend meteorologist. The graduate of Brown University was broadcasting live throughout the series of storms that struck Knoxville in April of 2011. She was a significant resource for giving viewers with the most recent information on the progression of the storm while also offering essential guidance on how to stay safe.

She was broadcasting from Knoxville in April 2011 as numerous tornadoes ripped through the city, leaving it in ruins. She was immediately recognized as a vital resource for providing viewers with the most recent information on the progression of the storm. Cheryl claims that it was at that point that she gained a new perspective on her work and realized that it was not about providing a prediction but rather about helping people survive dangerous weather conditions.

After that, she began contributing as a volunteer to the efforts of the Red Cross in the aftermath of the tragedy. Since then, she has played an important role in the organization, and she is presently a member of the Board of Directors at the Chicago office.

In addition to that, Scott has appeared in brief cameo roles in other shows, such as Good Morning America Weekend Edition. The resident of New Jersey took part in the Live From the Library Series hosted by the Chicago Public Library in July of 2020. During her time there, she read the novel Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs to the youngsters who were listening on the radio.

Scott Hosts National Geographic Series About The Great Lakes

On November 23, 2020, ABC7 made the announcement that Scott will be covering an episode of the series “So Great, So Fragile” on the National Geographic Channel. The series, which consists of five episodes, was produced in collaboration between WLS Channel-7 of ABC 7 and the National Geographic channel. The threats that were formerly present in the Great Lakes region, particularly in Chicago, will be the subject of conversation on the episode.

The series is an innovative perspective for ABC 7 because it was broadcast live via the station’s many connected TV applications, including Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV. This is a first for the channel.

As part of his role in the series, Scott was tasked with collaborating with researchers from National Geographic to investigate, discuss, and investigate potential solutions to the challenges that the Great Lakes faced in order to ensure their continued existence.

Cheryl Scott is Now Engaged to Her Boyfriend-Turned-Fiance Dante Deiana

The forecaster, who was born in New Jersey, first met her future lover, Dante Deina, who is a DJ, sound and music engineer, and business owner, at a charity event. In 2016, they started going out together. After two years of dating, the couple decided to get engaged while on vacation in Hawaii. At the peak of the Haleakala Volcano in Hawaii, the DJ, who is originally from Boston, made his proposal to Scott.

When it was all going on, she completely blacked out, according to what Scott reported to the Tribune at the Channel 7 studios.

Are Scott and Her Partner Dante Planning to Marry?

Even though it’s been four years since the couple became engaged, they’ve been relatively quiet about their plans for the wedding. On the other hand, Scott published a picture of herself on Instagram in January 2022, dressed in a bridal gown. She captioned the photo with the following: “really…. ZEROooooo clue what sort of wedding dress I’ll fall in love with.”

It would appear as though the two are ready to make their relationship official, despite the fact that the date of their wedding has not yet been set in stone.

Know Something About Cheryl Scott’s Soon-To-Be Husband

Deiana, who is engaged to Cheryl and is a fan of the Patriots, performs under the stage name Dante The Don. She is now employed as Pitbull’s international DJ at Sirius XM, a Mixshow DJ at Kiss FM, and a resident DJ at Barstool Sport. In addition to that, Rob Gronkowski counts him as a close buddy and uses him as his personal DJ.

In addition to this, Dante serves as the senior vice president of the marketing and brand management department of Jally App. In addition to that, he is the entertainment director and a partner of a number of other entertainment centers, including the FWD Day + Night Club.

Her Past Relationships

A variety of men have been mentioned as potential partners for Cheryl in the past by various sources. But the one that really had people talking was the one where she was rumored to have had an affair with Patrick Sharp, the left winger for the Chicago Blackhawks. At that time, he had a wife and two children.

After a few more months, it is said that she started dating Josh Lachelle, who is the proprietor of Home Slice Pizza. The media was able to catch them when they were on holiday in Italy, and the two of them had also shared images of each other on their individual Instagram sites. They, on the other hand, never discussed the actual events that were taking place behind the scenes.

Cheryl Scott Had A Painful Injury In The Past

During an interview with the Capital Gazette that took place in the month of May 2017, Cheryl Scott discussed the time that she endured a terrible injury. Although he had recently relocated to Chicago, Scott continued to compete in track and field events.

During one of her early games, she was rushing down the field when she became convinced that someone was trying to run her off the field. However, as she turned around, there was nobody in the room with her.

After only a few hours, she found herself in the emergency department of the hospital with a ruptured Achilles. According to Scott, the event continues to make her feel a little less confident.

After that, there is a cute tiny scar on the back of her leg where the wound was. She also brought attention to the fact that anyone who has ruptured their Achilles or knows someone who has may empathize with what she had been going through. Scott described how awful the experience was.

She didn’t believe the excruciating agony had begun until after the operation had been completed. In addition, the meteorologist mentioned that the recovery continues to annoy her. She mentioned that the injury more or less put a stop to her running career.

What is Cheryl Scott’s Salary? Her Net Worth in 2022

Today, Scott works as a meteorologist for ABC 7 Chicago, where he earns an annual salary of more than $101,000. In contrast, her personal wealth is estimated at $1.2 million. She amasses the most of her wealth thanks to her illustrious profession in journalism.

She calls Chicago, Illinois, her home at the moment.

Scott is a Dog Lover

Yes, Cheryl is an animal lover and now has more than two puppies of her own. The media star also frequently publishes pictures of her animals on her many social media accounts.