Who Is Marilyn Manson’s Wife Lindsay Usich? Are They Still Together?

Photographer Lindsay Usich is well-known for her long-standing friendship with Marilyn Manson, well recognized for his work as the singer of Antichrist Superstar and as a heavy metal musician. Usich’s photographs have appeared in a number of publications, most notably Frank Magazine, and she has frequently provided her husband, Manson, with photographic services.

In spite of a series of charges against Marilyn Manson from a variety of former lovers, including allegations of sexual and physical violence, Lindsay has remained a supporting wife to Marilyn Manson, which has caused some controversy.

Usich is continuing to stick by his side despite everything that has happened. Find out what her opinion is on the allegations that have been made against her spouse, Mansion. In motion also knows details of her previous existence, including her family, work, and other aspects of her life.

Marilyn Manson’s Wife, Lindsay Usich Is A Floridan

Lindsay Usich, who is currently married to Marilyn Manson, was born on October 2nd, 1984 in the city of Miami, Florida. She is one of her father James Usich and her mother Hope’s two daughters. Lindsay Usich, who is now 38 years old, has a twin sister whose name is Ashley Usich.

Ashley, who is Lindsay’s sister, is a designer, and she is married to James Iha, who is in the band A Perfect Circle. The photographs taken by their twin sister, Linsay, also prominently highlight Asley.

Lindsay Usich And Marilyn Manson Have Been Together Since The Early 2010s

The relationship between Lindsay and Manson may have begun as early as 2010, while there have been other claims that imply they have been dating since 2012.

They did not marry each other until the year 2020, during the height of the epidemic and the international lockdown.

Lindsay Usich Career As A Photographer

As a youngster growing up in Miami with her identical twin sister, Lindsay spent a lot of time writing and drawing, which sparked her interest in photography. She used to play around with polaroids and adored shooting on 35mm film, and ever since then, she has resisted taking photos using a digital camera.

Although Usich received some academic instruction in photography when she was a teenager, she considered the typical format of the course to be burdensome, and she learned the majority of what she knows about photography by teaching herself while traveling the world.

When it came to her own education, she relied on her gut instinct to determine which methods would be effective and which would not.

Lindsay spent the middle years of her 20s living in New York City, where she devoted the majority of her time to painting and developing a nascent jewelry brand. The photographs that are posted on Usich’s blog, titled Born From The Dirt, are an accumulation and the consequence of her trips to various parts of the world over the course of the previous several years, as well as private moments that she experiences in her everyday life that she believes to be beautiful.

A significant portion of Usich’s body of work combines elements of femininity with a darker edge, such as the flowers that were shot at night. During one time while she was clarifying the idea behind this, Lindsay stated,

Femininity and romanticism often go hand in hand with darker, more macabre elements- this is especially true in my everyday life.

Usich also revealed that via her photographs, she strives to provide equilibrium and add an air of delicacy to subjects that have the potential to become chaotic because to the sensitivity of flowers.

Lindsay claims that while she is aware of the tale that is associated with each photograph, she also desires for the spectator to arrive at their own conclusions. Sunsets and dusk are when she takes the majority of her photographs.

Lindsay’s Husband, Marilyn Manson’s Sexual Abuse Allegations

In September of 2020, numerous of Manson’s previous lovers came forward to accuse the Lunchbox singer of sexual, emotional, and physical abuse. The allegations were made public. Rose McGowan, Dita Von Teese, and Evan Rachel Wood were some of the well-known names that were mentioned, as were some of Marilyn Manson’s previous love relationships.

On February 1, 2021, the actress from “The Thirteen,” Wood, identified Manson as the alleged abuser she suffered at the hands of.

At the same time, at least four additional women, including Sarah McNeilly, Ashley Morgan Smithline (also known as Ashley Lindsay Morgan), Ashley Walters, and a lady called Gabriella, joined Gabriella Wood in presenting their own individual allegations against the vocalist for the band Mechanical Animals.

In addition, Wood included a person who had formerly worked as a personal assistant for M. Manson among her supporters. Between the years 2006 and 2010, Wood and Manson were a couple. However, Evan did not go public with the fact that she had been assaulted until February of 2018. At that time, the Phoenix Rising actress did not identify the person who had abused her.

The actress, who was born in North Carolina, related her experience of abuse while joining other activists in testifying in front of the United States Congress during a hearing of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security and Investigations in Washington, District of Columbia. The hearing was held in the capital of the United States.

During the promotion for the implementation of the 2016 Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights Act in all 50 states, Wood brought up horrifying experiences of sexual assault and torture she said she had suffered at the hands of a “man that claimed to love” her. Wood stated that the “man that claimed to love” her had sexually assaulted and tortured her.

According to her, there was a second person who attacked. She did not, however, identify the people who she said had abused her. During an interview with Rolling Stone in 2016, Wood disclosed that she had been subjected to “physical, psychological, and sexual” abuse.

Other Actress’ Similar Accusations

Charlyne Yi, an actress who appeared in the film Paper Heart, was another person who accused Manson of harassing her. She also mentioned how the native Canton made comments toward her that were both sexually aggressive and derogatory to her racial background.

Up to this point, there have been fifteen women who come out with allegations against Manson. They have said that they have been subjected to sexual violence as well as physical and mental torture. Actress and model Ashley Morgan Smithline told People magazine in May 2021 that Charles Manson is “the most terrible monster in the world.”

A week earlier, an English actress named Esmé Bianco, who currently appears on the HBO series Game of Thrones, filed a complaint against Manson and his former manager, Tony Ciulla, claiming that she was a victim of sexual assault and that she was forced to engage in prostitution.

Lindsay Usich Husband Denied The Accusations

In response to the allegations against him, Manson said that they were untrue. He agreed that the charges made about him were grotesque exaggerations of the circumstances surrounding his life and work, which had always been magnets for controversy.

According to Manson, his romantic partnerships had always been completely based on mutual consent with others who shared his values. He argued that his accusers were just picking and choosing whatever facts to lie about. The musician and painter rejected all of the assault charges through the representation of his attorney. He argued that his previous business partners were “dishonestly aiming to commercialize and abuse the #MeToo movement.”

What Lindsay Usich Said About The Accusations Thrown At Her Husband?

The woman who is currently married to Manson, Usich, has never addressed the charges. However, in February of 2021, a metal musician by the name of Otep Shamaya alleged that Lindsay, too, had been abused by her lover, Manson.

At the time, Otep stated that the person who informed her that Usich had been subjected to abuse was her former boyfriend, who also happened to be good friends with Usich.

Shamaya said that she overheard talks between her girlfriend and Usich, in which Manson’s extensive drug usage and threats of violence towards Lindsay were discussed. Shamaya indicated that she was privy to these conversations. Usich, on the other hand, never addressed the charges that her husband abused her in any way, shape, or form.

Are Lindsay And Marilyn Manson Still Together? 

Although there were rumors circulating in 2015 that Lindsay and Manson had broken up, the pair continued to be seen publicly beside one another for the rest of that year.

The pair, on the other hand, did not appear at each other’s side for a period of time following the scandal surrounding Manson. The next year, in February of 2022, Lindsay and Mansion were spotted together for the very first time after the former had been accused of sexual assault and domestic violence.

The last time the photographer who is married to Manson acknowledged her spouse was in May 2022, when she posted a shot of him with the words “Forever” on her official Instagram feed.

Lindsay Threatened One Of The Investigators At Her Husband’s Sexual Allegations

Despite the fact that Lindsay, Manson’s girlfriend, never really replied to the allegations that were being made against her rocker husband, in May of 2021, she and her rocker husband made an attempt to shut down at least one Instagram account that was using the name “Mansonisabusive.”

The goal of the handle was to bring to light the allegations of sexual misconduct that the Kinderfeld singer allegedly committed. After some time had passed, the lady whose name was Laura and who managed the Instagram account stated that Usich had threatened to dox her.

According to Laura, the current partner at the Mansion spent a lot of time discussing IP addresses and how she knew her whereabouts and other related topics. After that, both Manson and Usich deactivated the personal Instagram account that belonged to Laura.

How Rich Is Lindsay’s Husband, Marilyn Manson; What Is His Net Worth? 

Rich entertainment is what Manson is by definition, thanks to all of his contributions to gothic music, his role as Lindsay’s lover, and his work as a hard rock performer. Although an obvious estimate of Mansion’s net worth is still pending, active since the late 1980s, Mansion is reportedly a multi-millionaire with his financial standings lying in the region of eight figures or so. This is despite the fact that an obvious estimate of Mansion’s net worth is still pending.

According to reports, the Cake and Sodomy singer had far more wealth prior to the sexual misconduct claims. The fact that he was unable to get contracts with a number of different businesses was detrimental to his financial success. As a result of the abuse allegations, several people have issued a statement stating that Lindsay’s husband has lost approximately half of his initial net worth.

Is Lindsay On Social Media? 

Usich, who is married to Mansion, has an active presence on Instagram. She was also extremely active on Facebook right up until the middle of the year 2021. For the time being, Usich is particularly common on the hangouts devoted to image sharing. The majority of her Instagram posts are examples of her photographic abilities, with only a few select images including her husband, Mansion.

Lindsay Usich Other Facts

  • A previous version of Lindsay Usich’s self-description included the adjectives unreasonably committed, situational, subjective, and total romantic.
  • It would appear that Usich considers the bright light of midday to be particularly unappealing and unappealing overall.
  • In point of fact, she characterizes herself as a highly nocturnal person who is most active during the hours that span from dusk to daybreak.