Who is Rapper Action Bronson Wife? His Relationship & Children

Action Bronson is perhaps the only rapper who can claim to have absolutely no detractors, if there is such a thing. After starring in the program “Fuck, That’s Delicious,” the native of New York, who is best known for his profession as a rapper, quickly became a fan favorite.

The multitalented actor is also making great strides in his personal life, which is terrific in its own right. Recently, he became a parent for the third time, this time with a different woman as his partner. His followers are curious as to whether or not he has made up his mind to marry his fiancée at this point.

In addition, there are a lot of mysteries surrounding the rapper; for example, who exactly is Action Bronson’s wife? I’m curious: how many children does he have? We are going to address each and every one of these pressing issues today.

Who is Action Bronson’s wife? If not then, is he dating a girlfriend?

Action is not married, and since he does not have a spouse, he does not have a wife. In addition to this, there are no rumors that he is married to anybody behind their backs. On the other hand, he is in a nice relationship with his long-term girlfriend Valeria, and they have been together for a number of years.

Although it is unknown when the two initially started dating, he published a photo of his current girlfriend for the first time on his Instagram account in 2015. The photograph featured the musician giving his lover a hug while she grinned for the camera.

Despite all, that was one of the few photographs that Action had given to his companion. Since that time, there are not too many photographs of his girlfriend to be seen on any of his social media handles.

A brief description of Action’s partner Valeria

Now turning our attention to his girlfriend Valeria, she was born and raised in the Big Apple. There is evidence from a variety of sources that points to her having Colombian ancestry.

As she moves toward her professional life, she is finding that it is very different from that of her beau. She holds certifications as a therapist and a yoga instructor, in addition to being a clinical social worker. In addition to this, she is a devoted follower of Hinduism.

The Bronson family home genuinely has a wide variety of different things. The rapper’s mother and father both practice Islam, while his fiancee hails from the Hindu faith.

Action Bronson’ Girlfriend gave birth to a boy: What’s his name?

As was just mentioned, Action has come to the conclusion that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Valeria. They announced the arrival of their first child together on November 11th, 2019, which serves as a symbol of the love that exists between the two of them. Action posted a picture on his Instagram account shortly after the birth of his kid, in which he was seen clutching his new little bundle of joy.

In the meantime, his partner posted a picture precisely one year after the arrival of the couple’s first child into the world. Valeria sent a stunningly honest photograph of herself nursing her child in its raw, natural state. She was able to convey the genuine feeling that a new mother has after giving birth to a new life.

When it came time to choose a name for their child, they decided on Benicio. The name has its roots in Spanish, and it may be interpreted in a literal sense as “the Benevolent One.” Aside from his name, their boy has ancestors from a variety of other ethnic groups. His Jewish and Muslim ancestry comes from his father, who was born in Albania.

In addition, Action’s partner expressed a desire to give birth in a manner that honors all of the women in the world, regardless of whether they come from a developed or developing country. As a result, she decided to give birth the natural way, without the assistance of any medical professionals or painkillers.

The rapper made the first announcement that he and Valeria are expecting their first child together in October 2019 by posting a picture of Valeria showcasing her pregnant tummy on social media.


Action Bronson once dated a West Indian Girlfriend: Shares two kids with her

A number of years ago, Action was previously in a committed relationship with a young lady who was a native of the Bronx, New York. Although the rapper has never divulged the identity of his ex-girlfriend, he has claimed on many occasions that she was of African-American descent. It would appear that the man who fathered his baby mommy was from the West Indies, which means that she has some Indian blood in her.

Despite the fact that Bronson was in a relationship with her for a considerable amount of time, he did not frequently discuss their affair in interviews. During an interview in 2014 with the radio station HOT 97, the 36-year-old television host discussed his ex-girlfriend, who is now his ex-girlfriend.

Take a look at the complete interview!

He has a daughter named Hannah and a son named Elijah with his ex-partner. Both of his children live with him. His daughter is the oldest of his children’s offspring.

During the conversation, he also briefly discussed his family, namely his children and how they are maturing with time. He added that his kid is at the age where she tells him things like, “Daddy, you don’t understand me,” and other such things.

In addition to this, his daughter complains that her father is able to form a close relationship with her younger brother despite the fact that he is a male. The children clearly matured at a rapid rate.

In addition to that, Bronson has included his child’s name on one of his rap tracks called 5 Minutes Beats 1 Take Raps.

Bronson has tattooed his children’s name and his girlfriend’s picture

It is not an exaggeration to say that Bronson is a major fan of body art in the form of tattoos. Our man is completely covered with a multitude of tattoos, from his head to his toes. And there is a vast range of designs available for tattoos, from tribal to a wolf dressed in pajamas to our personal favorite, Godzilla fighting Barkley.

However, the tattoos he had on his chest and belly are what truly drew our attention to him. On the centre of his chest and on the right side, he has engraved the names of both of his children, Hannah and Elijah. This was done straight from the bat.

In addition to the two of their initials, he also has a tattoo of his girlfriend Valeria located on the right side of his stomach. In the tattoo, she is shown cuddling together with their really cute puppy, Coco.

Action responded as follows when the journalist from GQ asked him how he felt about the urban legend curse that states you shouldn’t inscribe your girlfriend’s name anywhere on your body:

” I mean you don’t get your girl tattoed on you, you get your actual girl tattoed on you.’

It’s safe to say that our man is head over heels in love with his girlfriend, and the two of them are planning to be married as soon as possible.