Who Is Yung Blasian? Her Boyfriend, Career, Dating History

Yung Blasian is a well-known figure on many social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. He also has a sizable following on TikTok. In addition to that, she is both an entrepreneur and a YouTuber. Winks By Blasian, an eyelash company, is presently owned and operated by her.

As a prominent figure on social media, Yung focuses the majority of her postings on her several social media handles on topics related to lifestyle, including fashion and beauty. In addition to the notoriety that she has achieved on social media platforms, she is frequently featured in the media due to the romantic relationships that she has.

She was in the headlines due to the fact that she dated a famous man and has dated several famous men in the past. Do you want to find out more? In that case, be with us and learn all the specifics regarding her work, partner, & more.

Who Is Yung Blasian?

Yung is a popular figure on social media platforms and YouTube as well as an entrepreneur in the United States. Hayward, California was the location of her birth on September 15th, 1998. She spent the most of her formative years in the San Francisco Bay region of California, where she still resides.

She is a descendent of Chinese ancestry, however she has not disclosed a great deal about her parents. She attended schools in her hometown throughout her education and was a respectable basketball player throughout her time there.

Yung Blasian Gained Fame As A Social Media Star

As was said before, Yung rose to prominence online because to his work as an Instagrammer. Additionally, she is active on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Her Instagram account has more than 866 thousand followers, while her Twitter and TikTok accounts each have more than 50,000 and 125 thousand followers respectively.

While the majority of the content that she shares on her TikTok account is comedic in nature, the majority of her Instagram postings are focused on fashion and beauty. She has amassed an enormous number of followers on her social media platforms in a comparatively short length of time, and she also makes use of these platforms to advertise various things.

In addition to this, Yung maintains a YouTube account under the name The Real Blasiann; by the year 2021, she had over 49,000 followers to this channel. She did not launch her YouTube channel until the latter half of the year 2020, and the most of the videos she uploads are fashion and skincare related. In addition to that, she does offer a glimpse into her day-to-day life on occasion.

She Is An Entrepreneur

Yung is a prominent figure on social media, but she also runs her own business in addition to that. WINKS BY BLASIAN is her company, and she serves as both the CEO and owner. This is a shopping and retail enterprise that specializes in the sale of artificial eyelashes. The 25MM Mink and 25MM Mink Siberian Lashes are the company’s primary areas of expertise.

There is also an Instagram account for “Winks By Blasian,” which has somewhere about 12,000 followers.

Yung Blasian Boyfriend

Yung has, just like every other famous person, dabbled in more than one romantic engagement. According to the information provided by the sources, the stunning lady had a romantic relationship with the American rapper NBA Youngboy. The couple’s romantic involvement was pretty much in the open, and they also made a number of appearances together on their various social media platforms. But as much as they loved each other, they were unable to sustain their relationship and eventually broke up.

Around the year 2020, she started going together with her current lover, NLE Choppa. The two were virtually constant presences on each other’s Instagram feeds. In addition to this, Yung has collaborated with her boyfriend on a number of TikTok videos. It’s interesting to note that they were quarantined together the whole time the lockdown was in effect because of Covid 19.

The pair went public with their romance for the first time through an Instagram live broadcast in the year 2020. Not long after that, they also posted on Instagram a snapshot of themselves locked in a passionate kiss to one another. Yung also made it quite obvious that she adores writing for non-literary entertainment in one of the posts, which has since been removed.

I ride for you, you ride for me… we just like Bonnie and Clyde (sic)

However, much like her previous relationship, the one she had with Choppa did not turn out to be successful, which led to the end of their time together as a couple.