Who’s Maine Cabin Masters’ Chase Morrill? His Bio, Marriage, Children

Formerly employed in the construction industry in Maine, Chase Morrill is now best known as a television personality. He rose to prominence as the host of the reality television show Maine Cabin Masters. The primary objective of the show is to transform dated and worn-out traditional Maine cottages into contemporary holiday houses.

Chase has gained an incredible amount of recognition as a direct result of his participation in the show shown on the Magnolia Network. As a result of this, a significant number of his followers are interested in learning more about his private life. So, does he have a wife? Is he a father to any children?

In this article, we are going to learn about the wife of the star of Maine Cabin Masters, Chase Morrill, as well as his work, his net worth, his children, and a few other fascinating information. Let’s start.

Chase Morrill Bio: Parents, Age

Chase Morrill, who is now a popular reality television star, was born on December 25, 1977 in Augusta, Maine, in the United States. He is the younger of his parents, Eric Morrill and Peggy Morrill, who also had another kid together.

When it comes to his youth, he had a good one and spent the most of his formative years in his hometown with his parents, his sister Ashley Morrill, and his sister Ashley Morrill’s parents. Unfortunately, his father is no longer with us because he succumbed to disease and passed away in 2014. To state the obvious, all of the cabin works were taught to him by his father. This is a proven truth.

When it comes to his schoolwork, Chase has a solid reputation. His early education was received in his hometown, and he continued his studies in the Liberal Arts College of the University of Atlantic, where he completed the requirements for his degree.

His Sister Is Also The Part of The Reality TV Show

As was mentioned before, Chase’s elder sister Ashley is also a member of Maine Cabin Masters. Ashley is Chase’s older sister. She is the only woman participating in the reality TV show, and her profession is design. However, not only does she appear on the program, but so does her husband, Ryan Eldridge, who plays a carpenter.

When we talk about Ashley, we should mention that she is older by two years than Chase and that she was born on the 27th of January in 1976. She attended the University of Maine and earned a degree in graphic design there, so we know that she is an intelligent person.

Chase Morrill Is The Part of Maine Cabin Masters Since 2017

After participating in the show “Maine Cabin Masters,” Chase is now a well-known TV personality and became famous as a result of his participation in the show. The primary emphasis of the program, which features a team of five industry professionals, is placed on the renovation and modernization of vintage log cabins.

In 2017, the program made its debut on Magnolia Network, where it was immediately met with critical and audience acclaim. It got over 3.5 million viewers for the third season, which aired in December 2018, and was even listed as the number one show on Magnolia Network from the very first season onward.

While Chase is in charge of leading the group, his sister Ashley is in charge of design work, and Ryan is the primary carpenter. The group has already completed the renovations on a number of older cottages and campers that were requested by their respective owners.

In addition, while the show does restore things to their original construction, it also adds contemporary conveniences such as solar panels and composting toilets to the structures that are being restored.

As of December 2021, the program has now completed more than seven seasons.

He also Owns A Few Business Other Than The Show

Chase is the host of a popular reality television program, and he also has ownership in a number of other businesses. Kennebec Property Services, LCC, which is now Kennebec Cabin Company, was one of the companies he co-founded as a result of his passion for restoring and remodeling a variety of buildings (KCC).

This company, which he established in partnership with his brother-in-law Ryan and is now headquartered in Wayne, can be found at 915 Western Avenue, Manchester, Maine 04351.

Chase Morrill’s Wife Sarah Morrill

So, it turns out that Chase is a married guy. He tied the knot with Sarah Morrill, his long-term lover who later became his wife. Although the specifics of their wedding are unknown, it is thought that the couple has been together for more than ten years at this point.

When they were both attending the same university, the future husband and wife made their first acquaintance. There are rumors that they dated for some time before they were married to one another. The pair has been together for a number of years and has developed a strong bond.

Speaking of Sarah, she was born and raised in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and she currently works as a registered nurse. She has a career in the medical field and spent some time working for the Maine Primary Care Association.

Cony High school was where she completed her high school education, and she went on to pursue her education at Phillips Academy. In the end, she received her degree from the College of Atlantic and completed her studies there.

He Has Two Children With His Wife

Chase Morrill is a father to two girls, both of whom were born through his marital connection with his wife’s former partner. Nori Morrill is the younger of the two of his daughters, while Maggie Morrill is the oldest of the two. The two have, to our regret, refrained from disclosing any specifics on the circumstances surrounding their birth.

As a parent, it should come as no surprise that Morrill has a wonderful relationship with both of his daughters. In point of fact, he enjoys spending time with them very much, and you can frequently spot the three of them traveling together.

During the month of April 2019, the family of four went on a trek in a glacial cirque in Tuckerman Ravine, and they made sure to post images from the outing once they returned home. Take a look at this.

We have high hopes that their connection will continue to be strong in the days to come.

What Is Chase Morrill’s Net Worth?

Chase, who plays a leading role in one of the most popular television series, undoubtedly brings in a respectable income. The sources claim that the costs of producing one episode of his show, Maine Cabin Masters, come to around $30,000.

As of the year 2022, it is predicted that his net worth is somewhere about 600,000.

Chase Is Active On Social Media

Chase, like the vast majority of famous people, is quite active on many social media networks. He maintains an active presence on both Instagram and Facebook. As of the month of June 2022, he has more than 10.1 thousand people following him on Instagram.

He frequently shares updates about his day-to-day life on each of these channels.